Part 4: The Journal

The Journal provide you with an easy way to keep track of the happenings at the homestead or farm.

  1. Add a New Journal Entry
    • Add a new journal entry. This is the only way to add an entry for a date that you don’t already have an entry and haven’t take any pictures.
  2. Search Your Journal
    • Find any text used throughout the journal. A good practice is to use hashtags (i.e. #tomatoExperiment) to make it easier to find entries related to a specific experiment or planting.
  3. Pro Tip

    Long press an activity bar to quickly create a task for a given window.

  4. Unread Entries
    • Journals that have unread entries will have a purple border on the left side.

Looking Back

The Journal is designed to help you learn from your experiences. It has never been easier to compare your notes with local weather and celestial activities.

  1. Info Slider
    • Drag down on the handle to reveal historical information about the day.
  2. Multimedia
    • Photos show inline in the journal at the time they were taken.
    • Long press a photo to reply or add/edit a caption.

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Eden's Almanac User Manual
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