Part 3: Tasks

The Tasks tab gives you an overview of all your personal and shared tasks.

  1. Add a Task
    • Add a new task by tapping the plus button.
  2. Search Tasks
    • Search tasks by text used in the title and notes to quickly find a task.
  3. Tasks Inbox
    • The inbox holds your overdue tasks.
  4. Today
    • Today lists the task that are due today.
  5. Upcoming
    • Lists the tasks that are due in the future.
  6. Completed
    • Maintains a log of all tasks that have been completed.

Managing Tasks

  1. Archive completed tasks
  2. Add a new task
  3. Delete a task
    • Swipe left across a task to expose the Delete button.
  4. Complete a task
    • Tap the checkbox to the left of the task to mark it as completed.

Task Notifications

With Duo and Homestead accounts, you can enable notifications when someone adds a new task. Notifications settings are found in the Profile tab under Notifications.

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Eden's Almanac User Manual
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