Part 8: Account Management

Accounts with Multiple Devices

Duo and Homestead accounts allow you to connect other family members or farm/garden workers to your account. These accounts share a common garden location, tasks and journal.

How do I invite someone to join my account?

From the App

  • Go to the Profile tab.
  • Then tap Account.
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to invite, then tap Send.

From the Web Portal

  • Login to the web portal at:
  • You will see a list of connected devices and empty placeholders.
  • Enter an email address and then click the Send Invite button.

What if I want to connect another device that I own?

Follow the process above.

Note: Each device you connect to your account needs a unique email address. This means that if you want to connect another phone that you own, you will need a second email address.

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Eden's Almanac User Manual
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